Intimate Things to Do in Bolivia

There is so much to check out and do in Bolivia, it can also be overwhelming. Nonetheless it’s you of South America’s most marvelous countries, with colourful scenery, outdoor markets, big city thrills and friendly natives, there is something for anyone.

Get lost in the magic of Isla del Sol, spend an evening within sky packed with stars at Kachi Lodge or enjoy almost endless views through the Salar para Uyuni’s dome tents on a honeymoon in Bolivia!

Visit the National Mint

If you’re looking for a little bit of history to add to your romantic trip, in that case head to Potosi where you can check out the National Mint. It’s a huge building that has galleries filled with crucial artifacts and historical info boards to educate you regarding the country’s currency and record.

Buy in the Werewolves Market

The witches marketplace is a different attraction in Bolivia. It’s a small , quirky market full of very little stalls selling many techniques from dead denomina embryon and llama-wool jumpers to dried frogs and good fortune potions!

Watch the sunset on Isla delete Sol

Pond Titicaca is known as a beautiful vacation spot in Bolivia. With its glimmering turquoise marine environments and breathtaking Andes mountains, is considered the perfect destination to relax and disconnect for a day or two. Boat tours around the pond or excursions to the neighboring department of Arrecife de Encanto are a must.

Go to Samaipata

The town of Samaipata is known as “Bolivia’s Little Switzerland”, surrounded by verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls and natural swimming pools, creating the perfect setting for that romantic getaway. The laid back town is also residence to a pre-Colombian habit site, Un Fuerte sobre Samaipata.

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