What is the difference between a CEO & COO?

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When discussing the differences, a Managing Director is responsible for the day-to-day business of a company while a Chief Executive Officer does not have huge responsibility for the day-to-day affairs of a firm. CEO has powers to manage the business but shall be in day to day control of Board. Managing Director is the top director of a company who is entrusted with substantial powers to manage the company. The Board of Directors of the company always have a supervisory role over Managing Director.

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Today, he owns and controls over 400 companies under the Virgin Group. This justifies why one of the most-searched queries on the internet continues to be, “How to become a CEO? While there is no straight path, we can help you carve your own path to becoming a CEO. KMPs also ensures that the company is in compliance with the various laws. They are the persons who have the authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the enterprise. To be a CFO a person requires a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or economics and a high level of experience.

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Different foundations track their performance by different parameters, some look at the total value of grants made, and other input-side metrics, and some look at the outcomes. We can only compare like-to-like foundations, which is quite limiting. One of the key challenges is to have a standardisation of output to measure social impact. In the corporate sector, there is a natural balance between the number of big corporations as opposed to others. In the NGO sector, it is very skewed, with very few at the size and scale required to make massive impact. In our case, we are focusing on direct and indirect job creation.

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The job of the chief executive officer falls under some shifts, and they may also work longer hours on different types of projects to solve the problem. Although working nine to ten hours a day, at the time of a big project it can be up to fifteen hours, which also depends on the sector in which they are employed. Insurance for key-man and for key directors and officers of companies by means of general insurance policies may be taken by companies. Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance is a means by which companies and their directors/ officers may seek to mitigate potential personal liability. Insurance aids independence as the directors are not dependent on the company.

What is the difference between CEO, VP and COO?

Of course, the CEOs have earned it, but are the freshers getting a raw deal? There is the law of supply and demand at work here. India produces more than 15 lakh engineers every year, but the industry requires less than 1/4th of them. Since the company has a large talent pool to choose from, it gets easier for them to hire for less and then decide the paycheck based on the recruits’ performance in the organisation. Following the dropping of Munjal as president-designate and Dinesh being appointed in his place, Sanjiv Puri, chairman and managing director of ITC has been elected as vice president.

The Commission entertains the reconsideration proposal for one time only first stage advice and strictly when there are new facts which have not been considered by the Commission earlier. The reconsideration of advice will be only in exceptional cases at the specific request of the DA, before a decision is taken by it to impose the punishment or otherwise. After a decision has been taken by DA, the Commission will not entertain any reconsideration proposal. Such cases will be treated only as “deviation” from and non-acceptance of Commission’s advice.

  • A Managing Director is the leader of an organisation.
  • 11.1 The term material pecuniary relationship should also be clearly defined for the purpose of determining whether the director is independent or not.
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CVC has prescribed the time frame for various action points .The time limit so given by the Commission represents the outer limit for the given action point. Undue delays may result in departmental action against the concerned officials. The timelines given by our Bank for Disposal of Vigilance Disciplinary Action Cases are provided in circulars issued by Inspection & Audit Division of the Bank. The punishment awarded to the concerned officer is commensurate with the gravity of the misconduct established on his/ her part.

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The only thing that matters to them is accomplishing something significant. They hire, mentor, and motivate employees to work toward this cause. They are determined individuals with tremendous knowledge and expertise to support their passion.

The role of chief executive officer executive involves traveling, but not very much. It happens when he or she is expected to meet with the client at some other office or another chief executive officer. A chief executive officer travels very frequently both internationally and domestically to provide instructions and supervision to other branch employees or to attend meetings and conferences.

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Grant-making to grassroots difference between ceo and presidents is not our model. Our focus on measurable impact makes us quite different to other foundations. CEOs must adhere to the demands of shareholders and a board of directors, but can Shareholders fire the CEO of a Company? The liability of compliance has to be seen in context of the common law framework prevalent in the country along with a wide variety of ownership structures including family run or controlled or otherwise closely held companies.


#To be lodged by the officer designated by CO/ZO with Banking Security and Fraud Cell of CBI . Above Rs. 10,000/- but below Rs. 1 Lakh, only if staff of the bank involved. In case of any delay in referring the cases for 1st or 2nd stage advice to Vigilance Department, HO, the DA will have to specifically comment on the delay.

One could be both the https://1investing.in/ executive officer and the owner. Owner is the common term for sole proprietor whereas chief executive officer is a designation or position given to someone who has full management responsibility for the organization wherein he operates. In a career as a chief executive officer, one performs certain activities within a defined time span for his or her company or organization. This career takes a lot of time and mental energy, as this is one of the top most positions in a company. In a career as chief executive officer, one has very rare possibilities in rural areas than in urban or semi-urban regions. The rural market is emerging in India and it faces multiple challenges, such as reaching out to remote areas and providing services.

Effectively communicates with the organisation and with the Board of Directors. Is to design the strategies and policies for the organisation and to implement the plans prepared and also to guide the subordinates to accomplish the objectives of the company. Also, analyse the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company and gives suggestions for its improvement.

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You can limit the usage of your cards as per merchant categories and ensure a better policy compliance. Mr. Rao started his banking career with SBI in 1991 as a probationary officer. He has gleaned deep expertise in the field of credit, risk, and International Banking. He amassed international experience while managing key assignments for SBI in markets like, Singapore and US.

Admissions are offered after qualifying for the entrance exam, based primarily on the performance of the applicants. Besides, some universities offer admissions based on passing a 10 + 2 test. The admission criteria differ in terms of marks and the registration process from university to university.


It should be the duty of the Director to disclose his age correctly. 7.2 In case of a public company, appointment of directors beyond a prescribed age say 70 years, should be subject to a special resolution by the shareholders which should also prescribe his term. Continuation of a director above the age of 70 years, beyond such term, should be subject to a fresh resolution.

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